Thursday, August 21, 2008

Web 2.0 and Indentity

From a long time, discovering passwords and the secret questions were hard to get and almost uses the technical expertise sniffing on ports, and hacking the target computer by applications or even using brute force attack, and getting some information about the domain you would like to hack, and all these stuff. The hardest part was to crack someone's identity over the web. It has to be through the relationship between you and the person you would like to hack. So, you sneak around him/her and watch the different activities he/she does to guess what he/she likes - like pets, furniture, trees, flowers...etc - it was the hardest part. It turns that you are a spy on him/her.

A tag cloud with terms related to Web 2.Web 2.0 has been coming. This sentence has changed the world. Many many people will be writing their stories and experience. The content will be from the users not from the companies. There were a punch of tools like blogging and wiki and other tools that make Web 2.0 more powerful. Yet we have a huge source of information getting from the people themselves and the companies. Pretty Cool huh !!!!

Now it is getting clear enough that Web 2.0 drives the identity to be public and more than that readable by hackers and crackers. I read this article How I Stole Someone's Identity, and I got shocked, not that shock when you touch electricity, but yeah your identity and my identity are public now. Anyone can read it and download it, and spend a day discovering my hobbies and my interests and begin trying to access my e-mail that i gave him. and then trying to access my visa number that I talked about it once in my blog, but not this blog :), and then ta da. I got busted and then I will receive a letter from the bank that I make my balance zero :( :( :( .

I guess from now, secrets should be kept in your mind only. Do not talk about yourself loudly, or you got busted by many hackers...