Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pivot Viewer

I am new to Silverlight, but I tried the Pivot Viewer to display lists from Sharepoint. the task seems fine unless:

  • make a dynamic list
  • problem with images
the first one I got this article which is quite powerful . so it solved me Part one.
the second one I tried to understand why my images are not displayed, but when importing some images from the internet it works. I got an answer that these images that works are DZI (Deep Zoom Image). and there is a DZI Composer!! rocks... Hell no. the composer outputs a bunch of files to work for the concept of DZI.What I only need is one picture! Is this Hard :(

*DZI for simplicity, is making the image in layers so that it loads fast, and when zooming we can get the more detailed layers. 

I am trying to google around and there should be any luck.
Pivot Viewer now is good but it should be customeized. they will, but in next release....