Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Asp.net Update Panel and File upload

Got stuck when using this control in the update panel. and you got a work around by making a pop up window to download the file through it.

This is not the case here, now you can use the ordinary file upload in the update panel! the only thing you have to do is making the button that "submit" to be postback from updatepanel triggers.

< update panel>
< content template>
< /content template>
< triggers>
< ! -- here is your ascync trigger -- >
< / triggers>
< /update panel>

Note: make sure that the control in the triggers tags is visible, if you want to hide it try style="display:none;" attribute.

if you are using a master page that contains an update panel and you want to do it. you can add this line to the page load event:


now it is fine and working properly :)
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Monday, December 1, 2008

what is Future of Gaming?

Twice entries per day, I rock :D

Now what? the question I got into my head about the gaming industry. Now we have WARP in windows 7, and intel i7, and DirectX 10, besides the GPU. They are all maximizing the power of the games rendering and blending. Which will open the gates for a new games that have richer interface and much more bump mapping textures.

You know what? all that means in simple statement that the game will use the GPU and CPU for game processing. which leed to GPU+CPU(cores). It may seem like running the game upon maultiple processors on your computer. interesting.

It is a thread world after all. The more you use thread the better code it will be. and this can be done from the IDE itself!!!

After all, lets cruse the new threading world.

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Does your website contain a malware, infection?

Too long for not writing anything in the blog. But it seems I missed it a lot.

one question in the subject, are you sure your web content is safe? if you are sure from the content you type. Then may be the users that write reviews or commenting had something else.

in the article below you will find 3 online tools to discover if your website contains malware, unauthorized content, your bad neighbors.

Trust me it is useful to check your site from time to another. to check its content.

check the site for more info.

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