Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Visual Studio Add-on

From alot of projects I figured out that Microsoft is missing a vital addon for its Solution Explorer Pane! that is expand/collapse feature.

This feature is vital when you are working in solutions each one consisting of more than 15 projects each project has folders and sometimes these folders contain folders :(

the problem when you want to reach a file you will manually collapse all those nodes then find your item. the worst thing when you are debugging and opened a file from outside the solution to read something then close it ......................... Visual studio behavior is miserable, it will open all the projects tree nodes, then you want to collapse all of them to focus on the selected node only.

I searched about this add-on and found one http://www.paraesthesia.com/archive/2004/06/25/solvent---power-toys-for-visual-studio-.net.aspx but it is for Visual Studio 2003.

hmmmm, Ok no deal I created one for VS 2005 ta.da.

the link is here
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